This is THE smoothie!! – said an insulin resistant person.

Better physical health is a goal for me and #insulinresistance is not an ally!

This #fab4smoothie by bewellbykelly is game changing. I have been drinking this for past 6months.

1C cold water
1C Silk unsweetened almond milk
1.5C frozen spinach (I buy washed baby spinach and freeze it. Then crush it into frozen crumbly spinach)
2TBSP wild_friends nut butter ♥️
1TBSP mix of chia & flax seeds. Make this mix spoonable …because who wants to open 2 bags or more.

You can add and apple or few drops of liquid stevia OR any protein powder of choice.

Blendtec and serve .. and maybe you can use the nut butter jar as a glass since you will finish this amazing nut butter.

It’s my #atlcommute breakfast companion.

If you make it then let me know, in comments, how you liked it.


Mung Bean Sprouts & Sprouted Wheat Tortilla sauté ..

When I read a recipe post, almost always, I scroll to the recipe. So, I won’t write an anecdote of my life here – but know this much that this is a recipe post from a person can binge watch Food Network but mostly google recipes with the word ‘Semi-homemade’ almost always — and even now.

I cook to eat and I aim to keep the expectation low. I love to make one pot meals. I enjoy healthy food that tastes good but does not require tons of effort. I like to take my lunch to work and generally eat home-made food. I like to cook fuss-free.

Hence this recipe .. I make it. I mason jar it in portions and I eat it. It’s approved by the person who lives with me too 🙂 mind you, his expectation is also kinda low. And, that is how we make this marriage work. You are welcome!

The ingredients ….
The method …
I don’t take pictures of food well, and that is clear.

Share away .. all you have to do is copy/paste the link or click the share button ♥️

Spoonable mix that halves the caffeine intake

For me, it’s aroma makes me still in chaos even if it is for half a second.

I love warm drinks. Of all the warm drinks Coffee is my favorite.

I overdo it often … well, everyday!

4 years ago I switched to instant coffee.

1 year ago I switched to this mix. Less Caffeine & More Cups for me 🙌🏽 #winwin

Do the same for coffee grounds too!

1 heaping spoonful of this mix + 12oz if hot water + Creamer of your choice, if you choose. Typically, I mix a batch for 1.5 at a time.

My choice of flavoring the coffee is a homemade spice mix of India Chai Spices (black pepper, cardamom and million other things that only my mom would know)

Typed this while enjoying a cuppa ☕️

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If it’s not spoonable all at once, don’t even bother!

I love adding seeds to my food and I love coconut ..

🗣 BUT if I have to open more than one container to get the goodness – let’s just say it will rent space in pantry till its expiration.

👉🏽 I keep this mix handy and I just spoon it in. Efficiently Resourceful was just me being lazy.

I love adding seeds to my food: smoothies, pancakes, hummus, pasta, curries, sauces, dips, topping on roasted veggies — the list is endless.