The last leg of the decade

Hi, it’s me!

This has been a year for me & this decade is not even over! ⁣

♥️ Through self-reflection and writing, I discovered that I love words & design.⁣

💵 My job has no connection to the creatives of the world. My job fuels my passion, and for that I am grateful. Which also mean I am learning everyday!⁣

🗣 I realized that my passion lies in practical positivity, self-reflection, women empowerment, men’s mental health and fuss-free fashion that is inclusive & impactful. I also feel very strongly about educating teens about the virtual world they will live in. ⁣

🙏🏼 My words needed a home, publicly, and so I launched @thebirdwhoswam – I have not focused on brand identity or how to and how often to present content. ⁣

💯 What I have figured out is my content. I write what I think and I practice what I write. ⁣

🧵 The design bit is coming, maybe next year!⁣

🙋🏽‍♀️ I overcame the fear to fail in public & to wonder if my writing will be mis-understood and strain my relationships, if we differed. ⁣

🧐 I am still figuring out the design part, the social media part and so many other parts. My goodness – have you seen my pictures! ⁣

🎤 I took an awesome voice over class and discovered that my voice is a candidate for conversational commercial gigs! ⁣

🍾 I don’t know where I am heading but I have started and forward is the only way. ⁣

🚀 If you are reading this then you have read all⁣
of it. Is there anything you wanted to do? Did you do it? Tell me… if you didn’t, there is still time. ⁣

🙏🏼 Thank you supporting me and cheering on!! I promise to pay it forward..