Gut: Clear it out!

Gut: The place where your intuition lives.
Also, Gut: The stomach or belly.

Gut: The place where your intuition lives.
Also, Gut: The stomach or belly.

Mental diet for the intuition gut:
Surround your self with uplifting people, thoughts and things. Shout out to @createthelove for simple and sane words. Follow him!

A balanced diet for the stomach gut:
Eat well, Move, hydrate and well, clean your gut. I am not an expert on gut health but will share one product that contributes positively to gut health – Shout out to @squattypotty — yes, we should talk about this! Not sponsored and we own this since years!

What are your favorite things for your gut, both kinds? I could use food suggestions that helped with gut health. Tag an account you think has added value. I would love to know! 🙏🏼


The audacity of Me ..

Audacity: A willingness to take a bold risk.

All of us take risks every single day in our life – sometimes we succeed and sometimes we learn. Sometimes it’s mostly a failure. We start all over again.

🗣 Own what is yours!

It’s Mental Health Day today!

Your future is being worked on, are you participating?

We all want an empowering, thriving, innovative, equal, peaceful, healthy & wealthy future.

🗣 Then WE all need to make an effort. Personal, Professional & Civic!

At the least – don’t mock or hinder someone/something that is making an effort towards the future that you so very much want.

Diplomatic Distance

There is no need to burn the bridge. Just find closure within and take a detour ♥️

Sometimes by creating a diplomatic distance  you allow yourself to view the positives of the people and the situation rather than the constant stream of negatives.