This is THE smoothie!! – said an insulin resistant person.

Better physical health is a goal for me and #insulinresistance is not an ally!

This #fab4smoothie by bewellbykelly is game changing. I have been drinking this for past 6months.

1C cold water
1C Silk unsweetened almond milk
1.5C frozen spinach (I buy washed baby spinach and freeze it. Then crush it into frozen crumbly spinach)
2TBSP wild_friends nut butter ♥️
1TBSP mix of chia & flax seeds. Make this mix spoonable …because who wants to open 2 bags or more.

You can add and apple or few drops of liquid stevia OR any protein powder of choice.

Blendtec and serve .. and maybe you can use the nut butter jar as a glass since you will finish this amazing nut butter.

It’s my #atlcommute breakfast companion.

If you make it then let me know, in comments, how you liked it.


Author: SK || TBWS

Hello! I am Shivani. I am the bird who has been swimming and swimming OK. Not happy swimming, just Ok. Then one day after years and years of staring at my wings, I thought but what if I fly. And I leaped - with this blog. With the support of family and friends. By heart, I am passionate about sharing my experiences to empower and/or educate others. I love grooming, styling and all things that are a work in progress - which is what I consider myself, a work in progress. I strongly believe that when we rise together we rise stronger and we lay a foundation that withstands phases of life. Collaboration works!

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