Mung Bean Sprouts & Sprouted Wheat Tortilla sauté ..

When I read a recipe post, almost always, I scroll to the recipe. So, I won’t write an anecdote of my life here – but know this much that this is a recipe post from a person can binge watch Food Network but mostly google recipes with the word ‘Semi-homemade’ almost always — and even now.

I cook to eat and I aim to keep the expectation low. I love to make one pot meals. I enjoy healthy food that tastes good but does not require tons of effort. I like to take my lunch to work and generally eat home-made food. I like to cook fuss-free.

Hence this recipe .. I make it. I mason jar it in portions and I eat it. It’s approved by the person who lives with me too 🙂 mind you, his expectation is also kinda low. And, that is how we make this marriage work. You are welcome!

The ingredients ….
The method …
I don’t take pictures of food well, and that is clear.

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Author: SK || TBWS

Hello! I am Shivani. I am the bird who has been swimming and swimming OK. Not happy swimming, just Ok. Then one day after years and years of staring at my wings, I thought but what if I fly. And I leaped - with this blog. With the support of family and friends. By heart, I am passionate about sharing my experiences to empower and/or educate others. I love grooming, styling and all things that are a work in progress - which is what I consider myself, a work in progress. I strongly believe that when we rise together we rise stronger and we lay a foundation that withstands phases of life. Collaboration works!

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