If it’s not spoonable all at once, don’t even bother!

I love adding seeds to my food and I love coconut ..

🗣 BUT if I have to open more than one container to get the goodness – let’s just say it will rent space in pantry till its expiration.

👉🏽 I keep this mix handy and I just spoon it in. Efficiently Resourceful was just me being lazy.

I love adding seeds to my food: smoothies, pancakes, hummus, pasta, curries, sauces, dips, topping on roasted veggies — the list is endless.


Author: SK || TBWS

Hello! I am Shivani. I am the bird who has been swimming and swimming OK. Not happy swimming, just Ok. Then one day after years and years of staring at my wings, I thought but what if I fly. And I leaped - with this blog. With the support of family and friends. By heart, I am passionate about sharing my experiences to empower and/or educate others. I love grooming, styling and all things that are a work in progress - which is what I consider myself, a work in progress. I strongly believe that when we rise together we rise stronger and we lay a foundation that withstands phases of life. Collaboration works!

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