Meet Me …

Its a day after my 39th birthday and my horoscope today reads ‘Forces want you to communicate for a living and incorporate more writing, speaking, teaching and learning into your job’

Do you believe in signs OR are you like me and seek signs mostly to validate what your gut already knows? And yes, I am SunSigns Freemium client. And no, I don’t live my life by a horoscope.

Either way .. here we are.

Who am I?

  • An over-sharer of information who is learning to articulate
  • A woman who owns disproportionate amount of hair tools for her hair length/needs.
  • An aspiring and soaring creative who is immersed in the financial technology space for a decade and half and is still swimming in it.
  • A curvy petite who is in a vicious cycle of what fits my top half wont fit my bottom half – I think you get the point.
  • A voracious reader of cartoons, memes and motivational quotes.
  • A sign seeker.
  • A woman who has held a VIB status at Sephora since .. lets say a while.
  • A daughter, sister, wife, mother and much more.
  • A strong believer in power of words, power of dressing up/showing up, power of positive affirmations/mindset, and smard work.
  • Yes, it reads smard – something life needs smart work and some times hard work. Most definitely, most time smard work.
  • A woman who has a deep relationship with online shopping.
  • A woman who feels fiercely about gender equality, love and all things mindful.
  • A person with significant life maneuvering know-how, not so much because of intellect but largely due to life iterations.

Through this blog I seek to connect, learn and mentor.

I could go on but you get the point – I have been swimming for a while and maybe now I will fly …. Be part of my organized chaos as we speak of nothing specific but highly helpful and relevant topics.


Author: SK || TBWS

Hello! I am Shivani. I am the bird who has been swimming and swimming OK. Not happy swimming, just Ok. Then one day after years and years of staring at my wings, I thought but what if I fly. And I leaped - with this blog. With the support of family and friends. By heart, I am passionate about sharing my experiences to empower and/or educate others. I love grooming, styling and all things that are a work in progress - which is what I consider myself, a work in progress. I strongly believe that when we rise together we rise stronger and we lay a foundation that withstands phases of life. Collaboration works!

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